A Powerful Inventory and Order Management System

It consists of a detailed list of Products, goods variety, barcode scanning in stocks, detailed report, orders(purchase) , tax invoice of the sale and so on.

Feature of Inventorium

  • Inventory Listing

    View All your products in a single table allowing sorting and searching on any attribute such SKU, barcode or name

  • Product Details

    Stock & Buy has a detailed view for each product where you can edit details such as images, SKU, barcode and variants details

  • Stock On Hand

    Stock on hand is automatically tracked for all products and variants and is directly linked to orders and stock adjustments.

  • Product Variants

    Each Product can have different Variants. You have the options to create as many variations as you wish.

  • Barcode Scanning

    Search and find products by barcode and create sales and purchase orders in no time. All Standard barcide scanners are supported.

  • Due Items Report

    View all items due within 7 days.These include items like due invoices payments and shipments.

  • Invoicing

    Generate or print a detailed tax invoice for your sales orders in a single click.

  • Payments

    Generate payments records for your purchase ordersin a single click. You will automatically be notified when a payment is due.

  • Inventory Alert Report

    See all your Products and Variants that have fallen below the reorder point. Never run short of inventory anymore.

  • Sales Orders

    Sales Order automatically update your inventory levels including the products and variations stock on hand when shipped.

  • Purchase Orders

    Purchase orders automatically update your inventory levels when fully received. Track all your purchases from one places.

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